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Friday, December 3, 2010

A few photos from "The Great Pack-Up"!

The 'Great Pack-up' started at my house with the help of these 2 Angels!! (I thought I move all of this stuff on my own -boy was I wrong!)
We are so extremely grateful for the generosity of our friends in Springville!
Then we met up with our American Fork friends who had gone door to door and were met with open arms as well!

Even the cub scouts got involved!

More story from this night hopefully to come!  So far, all of the flat rate boxes have been shipped, but the bigger 'lighter' boxes need to be repacked (thankfully there's less than 10 of those)!  I guess after awesome people squeeze candy and other goodies into every last square centimeter of even the lightest of boxes, it can become a heavy-weight as well! :D  YEEHAW!
(If you can help us cover the cost of the shipping, we'd be forever grateful!  We're looking at about $700 in shipping costs and while we have some of that covered, we still have a long way to go-please see our first post for details)
These guys are gonna have one heck of a Christmas thanks to so many of YOU!!  God Bless America and her countless children that still know how to put their brother's needs before their own.  Truly, I have seen the widows mite and the paupers penny given to benefit these heroes!  What an amazing way to honor their service and let them know that they have not been forgotten!

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